Currents of Change: Inspiring, Creating, Transforming

Currents of Change: Inspiring, Creating, Transforming

Monday, 24 April 2017

Latornell Mentorship and ELB Field N' Meal Day

Are you a budding young professional and still waiting to meet that person who will inspire you, ignite a spark in you, or help you open that crucial first door for yourself as you embark upon a long and fruitful career path?

Maybe you have been in the field for a while. Think back; did somebody teach you something, take a chance on you, or share with you something invaluable: their time? Perhaps they shared their experience. Imagine being given the opportunity to do that for a newcomer to your profession. Would you seize such an opportunity if it presented itself? As someone who has benefited personally from the rich legacy of Art Latornell, I know that he would have, and now I would like to do the same.

Four years ago, we launched the Latornell Mentorship Program. Mentorship has always been a common thread running throughout all Latornell Symposia. Since the first event was held in 1993 hundreds of personal and professional connections have been forged amongst dedicated conservationists working within the sector. Indeed; the Latornell logo itself depicts both a tree - symbolic of conservation and the environment – and within it, the silhouettes of a young professional listening to what appears to be a more experienced mentor. Personally, I consider the tree to also represent knowledge, and as I transition from the left to right side of this image over the course of my own career, I place hope in the idea that this tree will bear the fruits of wisdom for me to share with successive young professionals.

In the spirit of Art Latornell – our conference namesake – we strive to provide young professionals in the conservation and environmental sector with career networking and mentorship opportunities. We welcome partnerships with external groups that share our overarching goals and passion for youth professional development.

We are excited to announce our upcoming Field N’ Meal Day, a joint effort between the Latornell Mentorship team and the Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity (ELB). It will feature free food, a guided tour of some local pond restoration projects, and fantastic networking opportunities for the full spectrum of career professionals.

What: Latornell Mentorship and ELB Field N’ Meal Day. Guided tour, FREE BBQ, and great networking!
Where: Terra Cotta Conservation Area (14452 Winston Churchill Blvd, Terra Cotta, ON)
When: Sunday, June 11th, 2017. 2:00 – 6:00 pm (approx.)
Why: To meet great, like-minded professionals and to build bridges throughout the conservation and environmental community!
Who Should Come: Anyone interested in the environmental, conservation or related sectors
How Much: Zip. Zero. Zilch. Absolutely free.

While the event is completely free, we do ask that you pre-register by June 4th so that we can make sure we have enough food! Registration can be done through the following link:

We hope that you will recognize and seize this opportunity for what it is: a chance to ignite a spark; a chance to grow; a chance to bear fruit. See you on June 11th.

Yours in Conservation,
Bill Trenouth

Bill Trenouth is a Water Resources Specialist at Credit Valley Conservation